I co-wrote and executive produced a movie called Quitters, starring Mira Sorvino, Greg Germann, and Ben Konigsberg. It's about teenagers in San Francisco hurting each other's feelings! And growing, of course.

Read the reviews in The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, and watch it on iTunes or Amazon.


I made a prototype for a crowd-sourced content aggregator called Clustrs, motivated by my never-ending hunt for good things to read/watch on the Internet. I go into a lot more detail on the how/what/why on the Github readme.

You can see Clustrs live at


Market Street, San Francisco, 1885.

I wrote a Twitter bot in Python that pulls random images from the San Francisco Public Library's extraordinary Historical Photograph Collection and tweets them.

Follow the bot @oldgoldmtn, or see my sloppy code at Github.


Ever find yourself on the way to the airport with no idea what terminal you're flying out of? This happens to me all the time, so I made a terminal lookup tool. You plug in the airport and your airline, and it tells you your departure terminal.

Most of the work involved scraping the terminal info from various sites with Python using Selenium Webdriver and populating a monster Postgres database. The site itself was built in Django. Still squashing bugs, but it works.

Check it out at

I keep so many tabs open in Chrome that it routinely crashes, so this site is a small step towards making my life more organized. It's an aggregator that pulls the five most recent articles from the RSS feeds of a bunch of different left-wing papers/magazines/blogs.

I've got a script running every hour that checks the feeds for new entries, pulls them, cleans them up (the feeds are generally pretty ugly), and throws them into a database for the site to find. Built in Django.



Inspired by a talk I went to at the New School about Rojava, I made a site about the democratic experiment that's happening there. It's a little sparse right now, but I'm planning to build it out.

Take a look: What is Rojava?