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Techies for Bernie

A screenshot from Bernie Arcade, from Bernie's 2006 Senate campaign.

I wrote a piece for The Guardian about why large numbers of workers from the tech industry are supporting Bernie. The starting point for the article is FEC filing data showing that four of the top five employers of Sanders donors are tech companies. (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon). Sanders has also received more individual contributions from tech workers than Clinton. I was curious about why that might be the case, because it contradicts a couple of pieces of received wisdom: the first is that tech workers are all libertarians or centrist Democrats, not left-wing; the second is that since tech workers are high-wage workers, they would have much to lose from Bernie's redistributive policies.

Both assumptions turn out to be wrong. The data suggests there's a not-insignificant number of left-wing tech workers. And many believe they would benefit from Bernie-style redistribution, because while they're better off than most other workers, they're still under significant economic pressure.

Read the piece at The Guardian here.